Our Services
Financial Management - Myrtle Beach Realty will perform  financial services for the Association.  We will provide the Board with monthly financial statements which includes both an income statement as well as a balance statement. Each of the statements are categorized for each account to track exactly how and where each dollar is spent. ( A sample statement is provided for you in this package) We will handle all billing by sending out  invoices for dues to each owner with the status of their respective account.   (Coupon Books) We will post all dues received and deposit them into the association bank.  An account receivable report will be made available to the Board each month or at any time requested.  We will aid in the collection process for any uncollected dues passing any fees to the owner as provided for in the By-Laws.

We will also work regularly with the President, Treasurer or other Board appointed member for the assistance in preparing the budgets, set up reserve funds, and other related financial matters.

We will provide, in addition to regular monthly statements, any financial records such as account details, posting journals, etc. upon request by any Board Member.

We will also work with your accountant to provide all year end information and statements to them and the Board.

Bank Accounts - We will maintain the checkbook by writing  checks and posting them to the respective accounts.  We will work with the Board as to any requirements that may be established. e.g. 2 signatures per check, prior approval of Board over given dollar amount, or however you wish us to do it.  It is your money and we will manage it as you see fit.

Legal Matters - Myrtle Beach Realty will be a representative for the association for any By-Law enforcement.  In the event an attorney is needed for any legal matters, that will have to be addressed by the Board and these fees will not be included in our regular fees. All collection fees and By-Law enforcement fees will be billed to the offender of the association as provided for in the By-Laws.

Meetings - Myrtle Beach Realty will provide a meeting area for the regular Board meetings and will have a representative attend all Board meetings possible and the Annual meeting. We believe this is important to get first hand input as well as give input and professional advice to and from the Board of Directors and the owners of the association.

Proxies - Myrtle Beach Realty will organize the annual Meeting and provide notice to all owners via proxy in accordance with Section 23-11-140 of the South Carolina Business Corporation Act.

Ground Maintenance - Myrtle Beach Realty understands the importance of the grounds as it is one of the first impressions people get of our properties. We understand that if the common areas are not kept to a high level of standard that the individuals may not take pride in their own properties, thus a domino effect may take place devaluing all owners properties.

Pools and Club House - We also realize this is a very important area of the property.  We currently oversee many pools,  tennis courts and club houses and will use our experiences and knowledge  with these to help in maintaining and improving these areas  in the most cost effective ways possible.

Insurance - All insurance claims to common elements will be coordinated at no additional cost.  This will include working with necessary adjusters and then contractors as needed with proposals as specified for repairs.  Also Myrtle Beach Realty will obtain insurance quotes regularly to insure we have the best coverage possible at the best price.

Pest Control - We will work with the pest control company on a regular basis to make sure that there are no pest problems.

Inspections - Regular inspections of the property will be done to the property to insure all contracted work is being performed to the specifications and standards that we require.  Also the inspections will be made regularly to insure that any damages are repaired promptly in order to maintain the area as well as prevent additional damages to the property.

Schedule Repairs, Obtain bids Etc. - We will work closely with all contractors to make sure work is repaired correctly and in a timely fashion.  We will also aid in preparing spec sheets and obtain bids for large jobs such as :painting, roofing, paving, insurance etc.,.  Again, any of these jobs will also be regularly inspected to insure all items are being done to spec.

Require prior Board approval for any work over a given dollar amount - Myrtle Beach Realty will work with the Board as to any requirements they have or wish to have in regards to work orders and contracts.  We will require prior Board approval and verification for any item over $1,000.00 prior to any work being started or any lesser amount if the Board so chooses. (Emergency repairs may be an exception however all efforts will be made to contact the required Board members ASAP) Again, we will work with he Board on any amount they may require.